Start before you’re ready- post market ponders!

Start before you’re ready- post market ponders!

I have attempted and failed so many times to write a blog post for this little business. I’m not even too sure what stops me most of the time (other than procrastination and a sprinkle of self doubt!) but I’ve decided that today is the day it’s going to happen! The fact that I don’t even have a particular topic in mind is probably not the best starting point but since it feels pretty consistent with where I’m at, here goes.

I’ve just spent a lovely weekend as a stall holder at one of my favourite markets and despite genuinely not being able to fault any of it, I’ve come away in a bit of a small business funk and feeling kind of stuck between two worlds- let’s call one Earth and the other Planet Peg haha!

Life on Planet Peg is good most of the time. I love being creative and aside from the odd bout of imposter syndrome, it’s a world in which I’m starting to believe I belong. My pegs genuinely make me happy! I love my customers and the whole maker vibe and community! It gives me total flexibility around my boys and the freedom to discover more about myself and the things that truely matter but it doesn’t come without struggle and to be perfectly honest, sometimes a little bit of worry.

I worry that without my lovely husband supporting us that my business isn’t really viable. It’s not a side hustle or a thriving second income, just a hobby that tops up the bills and pays for a few nice things when it’s going well. And after spending time with other makers comparing struggles and breaking down the hours that go into that hobby (painting, marketing, posting, market prep, paperwork, designing etc) it’s hard sometimes not to feel disheartened and question where you go next! Could I paint more pegs? Yes. Could I do more markets? Yes. Could I learn SEO and be more present on social media? Yes. Would this take away all the freedom and flexibility the business gives me? Probably. Do I have big plans? Not at this minute, no. Could I go back into a real job now that I’ve seen the other side? Probably not, eek! Am I stuck? Sometimes.

You see, sometimes I care about all these things and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I live for today and sometimes I get a bit panicky about the future or stuck in a past version of me that cared too much about the material world and the lies we were sold about happiness and success! I’ve lost count of the amount of times that well meaning people have asked me when I’ll think about getting a job or joked about me not working and every time I end up questioning myself, instead of questioning the place it comes from! It’s so easy to lose sight of your reasons why and forget just how far you have come!

I guess what I am trying to say is, choose the people you give your time and energy to wisely. There are people from both worlds that will make you question every bit of what you’re doing or not doing and the path you are on- even people that appear on the same path as you will have come from different places and be trying to reach different destinations! The only people on your journey are you and your family and if it takes longer to figure out where you are going (because the kids are little and still need you) or you’re happy to travel by train rather than limo, then that’s okay. You just have to remember to enjoy the ride …and take some peg dolls with you to keep the kids occupied along the way :)

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